SignViz choose CWT

At SignViz a division of Paramount Safety – (Pro Choice) we produce a wide range of Safety Signs and General Signage throughout Australasia across numerous and various substrates.

Our CWT table is simple, smart and reliable.

Kevin Spahr, Sr. Graphics and Signage Manager

CWT Flatbed Applicator for commercial sign production

One of our main line’s is laminating Self Adhesive Vinyl to Polypropylene, Metal, and Aluminium etc.

We purchased our CWT laminator recently to replace our two ageing front loading laminators.

Our initial goal was to increase productivity, reduce waste and minimise handling, the latter being a constant source of frustration having to utilise on occasions up to three staff members to achieve the required result on large projects.

We are now producing all aspects of our laminating with a single staff member, with an absolute minimal of waste across the board, furthermore confidence levels within our team have soared, as we know confidence and job satisfaction equates to productivity.

The overall project has hit all our key identified targets, has come within our specified budget, delivered on the agreed time and date, Comprehensive training was delivered with professionalism, although to be honest not much required as it is a smart and simple equipment to operate, everyone loves simple, smart and reliable.

Kevin Brettell, General Print Manager, Paramount Safety
Sydney Australia