CWT 1428 Advantage Flatbed Applicator Table

Popular sized 4x8 machine, illuminated and easy to install. Most of the Flatbed Applicator advantages at an entry level cost.

Facts & Features

1400mm (4ft. 7in.)

Workspace width

2570mm (8ft. 5in.)

Workspace length

100m2/hr (1080ft2/hr)


Wrapping in Sydney

Car Wrapping at the Visual Impact Expo in Sydney. All vinyls prepared on a CWT 1640.

Really cool artwork

Peter Lee

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A time-saving piece of equipment


"We love the CWT table and we use it here daily". Kevin Spahr, Sr. Graphics and Signage Manage Cvg airport

Kevin Spahr, Sr. Graphics and Signage Manager

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CWT1640 increased our speed with applying prints

We bought the CWT table after comparing it to several competitors and finding it to be the best overall value for our shop.

We’ve had this table for 6 months now and I would say it has already paid for itself.

Rick Alan Lenz, Owner FASTSIGNS

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