We are the winners!

CWT Worktools are proud to announce that the PRINTING United Alliance, the most comprehensive member-based printing and graphic arts association in the U.S., announces that the CWT Worktools flatbed applicator CWT 1737 Evolution Max are the recipient of its prestigious Pinnacle InterTech Award and Pinnacle Product Award of the year.

The Pinnacle Awards exemplify new technology that is deemed by veteran industry judges to be truly innovative and likely to have a significant impact on printing and graphics companies.

More about the CWT 1737 Evolution Max
A lamination device for professional sign makers and printers, the CWT 1737 Evolution Max is an innovative package featuring electronic pressure control, electric glide beam horizontal movement, and a heat-assist lamination roller. This means more precise settings and faster mounting and lamination without silvering. The board to be laminated is placed on top of the LED glass top table and the roller gantry moves over it, a design that saves about six feet of space compared to conventional roll laminators. Full automation reduces the labor requirement to one operator. The electric lift feature allows the height of the table to be adjusted for the height of the operator. The judges were won over by the level of automation and the associated boost in productivity.