CWT 1737 Evolution Flatbed Applicator Table

FULLY ASSEMBLED PNEUMATIC FLATBED APPLICATOR AND WORK TABLE Evolution features fully assembled flatbed applicators with pneumatic pressure control, electronic height adjustment, an illuminated table top, and integrated storage. This means it is quick and easy to install and has all popular features included. It is a robust production machine built for uninterrupted long shifts, high production capacity, and a worktable that accommodates a wide range of standard substrates and media widths available on the market.


Utilizes the empty space under the worktable as an integrated storage solution for rolls and panels.


Always ensure the most ergonomic working height with integrated electric height adjustment. You can adjust the height of the table top electrically from 800–1 090mm (31in.–42in.) to ensure an ergonomic working position.


Turns the worktable into an ergonomic light table with integrated illumination. The new light table with side lit LED technology ensure edge to edge illumination. Meaning you have illumination where you need it for an optimized working position.

Facts & Features

1650mm (5ft. 5in.)

Workspace width

3125mm (10ft. 3in.)

Workspace length

140m2/hr (1500ft2/hr)


A time-saving piece of equipment


"We love the CWT table and we use it here daily". Kevin Spahr, Sr. Graphics and Signage Manage Cvg airport

Kevin Spahr, Sr. Graphics and Signage Manager

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CWT1640 increased our speed with applying prints

We bought the CWT table after comparing it to several competitors and finding it to be the best overall value for our shop.

We’ve had this table for 6 months now and I would say it has already paid for itself.

Rick Alan Lenz, Owner FASTSIGNS

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ALL-NEW DESIGN Completely redesigned and equipped with our most advanced technology yet, it will make you rethink what a flatbed applicator is capable of. Evolution Air series combines an pneumatic controlled roller with new design and new features. It’s also a cutting station and worktable.

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